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Real Virtuality Goggles. 2005

Super-iR is made for those who want to see the world differently, - painted in fresh new colors. With Super-iR you will be fascinated by what you see: the world as you know it will be looking absolutely different. Our helmets are equipped with the brand-new system of Real VirtualityR, which changes "real" world around us into a virtual one, and does it without a computer and in real time!
The heart of Super-iR is a microchip developed by our company on the basis of the newest technologies. It allows real-time (without delay) proccessing of a video signal and appliying different effects on it. Other system components are: a video camera with a "human" angle of view, and a pair of exclellent image quality micro-displays. The whole system is assembled inside a lightweight helmet that comfortably fits any head. The helmet is absolutely autonomous and is powered by standard AA batteries, which can run it for few hours.
Features of Super-iR:
* Number of effects: 6
* Effects: Invert color, Green ASCII, Psychedelic colors, Emboss, Inverted emboss, Line-through
* Angle of view: 21 degrees diagonal
* Color depth: 24 bit input
* Works with prescripted glasses: yes
* IPD Adjustments: none required
* Power supply: 10 AA batteries or AC/DC adaptor
* Fits any head size: yes
* Video input: PAL/NTSC Composite or S-video
Super-i is a project of Alexei Shulgin and Aristarkh Chernyshev, the internationally renowned media artists. Learn about their projects at: